… A Wolf Can T-Shirt

Original Design by ejtorres.

Show off a piece of nostalgia featuring everyone’s favorite animated wolf-dog, Balto! This design features one of the most memorable quotes from the film, as said by the eccentric yet charming Russian goose, Boris. #ProjectBalto is a small and humble project I have decided to launch with Balto as the symbol. In the movie, he was neither wolf, nor dog and struggled to fit into society and accept himself — a real-life struggle that I can understand being transgender. I will be designing a series of graphics based on the classic character for a variety of products, in order to help fund the next step in my transition. Available in phone/tablet cases, stickers, print and a variety of shirt styles. THE PROCEEDS FOR THIS PRODUCT WILL GO TO A GOOD CAUSE! 100% of the profits made from these products will help fund my surgery. Find out more here: http://www.gofundme.com/6l1fno

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